Travel highlights and 2017 year in review

Today’s video is my travel highlights of 2017. I talk about my year in review and the adventures I have gone on the passed year. Travelling around Europe, France, UK, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Venice, Italy, Monte Carlo, Paris, London, Nice, Thailand, New Zealand etc. Take a look back on the year with me.

I hope you enjoy and I am looking forward to collecting new destinations in 2018. Let the next travel diaries begin.

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My Music Playlist for 2017 – Favorite songs of the year

My top, best of, favorite, hits and most listened to songs of 2017. A list of music taken from my very own Spotify that’s a wrap playlist. Some of these I would consider guilty pleasures, but others are my sing out loud in public anthems of the year. Love to have some recommendations for what others have been listening to this year. All songs are full of different memories depending on when they were listened to. The memories that music carries are one of my favoirte things.

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My New Year Travel Goals for 2018 & Review of 2017’s Resolutions

My New Year travel goals for 2018 and a review of my 2017 resolutions. Update and all. 3 out of 13 have been accomplished and the rest can go down as fails. But, I am still very happy with all the travelling I have done the last year and looking forward to crossing a few off in the new year.

I should mention that I have also travelled to a few places not mentioned on this list. And the wanderlust and wishing continues. I hope you enjoy!

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My Christmas Special 2017

A video of a few clips from Christmas preparations to Santa’s visit to the disaster of a gingerbread house I attempted to make this holiday season. To anyone who celebrates Christmas, happy Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

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My Favorite Christmas Themed TV Show Special Episodes – 13 Things

Today’s video is similar to a vlogmas video of Christmas past (last year). However, we are shaking it up a little with Christmas themed TV show specials rather than movies. So here is a list of my all time most favorite top rated Christmas episodes of series such as The Office, Dr Who, Mr Bean, Him & Her, Scrubs, Friends (of course) and so many more. Another list of thirteen festive season themed things.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone and Anyone. Big and Small Ideas – Xmas 2017

Today’s video is a bit of a vlogmas one. My 13 top Christmas gift ideas this season (2017). These presents are suitable for girls, boys, men, women, everyone and anyone. Whether it is a loved one you’re having trouble to decide for or a family member you have little to no budget for – this is the list for you! Shopping list sorted.

I may be posting this a bit late for the bigger items and just on time for some delivery cut off dates, but I hope the list is somewhat helpful. A few unique, different and personal gifts feature on the list. Of course these do apply for any birthdays coming up or if you just feel like spoiling someone. Secret Santa gift ideas as well as for your own Xmas wishlist.

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