Why I am becoming vegan

I first dove into the idea of Veganism in September 2015. I had heard of the term and like many, the ‘extreme’ nature of that one vegan friend we all have. But on the 4th September I was looking to wined down after a 12 hour shift and decided to explore the vast world of YouTube. I came across one of Kalel’s videos explaining why she is vegan. After listening intently I watched all of the videos she had linked to hers in order to get informed, educated and out of pure interest.

The videos I watched had me in tears and also captivated and in desperate need of further education on the topic. Like anything in this world there are the extremists, but also those who will not shove there beliefs down your throat and will rather show you the evidence. This is how I felt after watching Kalel’s video. I felt more informed. The next videos helped me realise some lies we buy into as consumers. Lies that I am still guilty of believing.

At the beginning of my ‘journey’. Yes, I am referring to it as a journey for the sole reason that it is part of mine. I am 22 and looking to find myself and as cheesy as it may sound, being vegan is part of who I want to be. Back to the point. I fell off the wagon a couple of times due to my job which required me to cook, sell and try non vegan dishes. I also had a lapse in judgement at a house warming party-5am, talking and alcohol are to blame for that pizza relapse.

Over the last 3 months however, extreme relapse. I kept to a vegan lifestyle as much as possible due to circumstances. But, for those three months I was far from vegan. I was vegetarian and for roughly one month pescatarian. I may have also had a cheese burger. Okay maybe my train completely derailed and ended up in a ditch. I did learn some things about myself though. I do not actually really like meat, at all. Also, I want to be vegan and so far that has only consisted of the ‘diet’ aspect, but I want to start the process of being completely and whole-heartedly vegan.

I want to include many links below to the YouTube videos I consider a must watch for anyone who wants to know more. There are a number of fantastic documentaries on Netflix which I plan on posting about in the future, but the first one I saw was Cowspiracy. I think it is a must watch for everyone whether interested or not.

How it all began

How it all continued

The less ‘preachy’ approach

There are plenty more valuable videos up on YouTube, but I am sure that you are more than capable of finding them.

Now if you will excuse me, I have bags of fruit, vegetables, almond milk and other ‘vegan’ foods to put away.


13 Types of People on Planes

YouTube video number 3 and the first to do with travel. The video below lists 13 types of people on planes from my experiences. Being a half French travel junkie from New Zealand, I am very experienced in the flying department. As I was editing this video I quickly realized I most definitely have enough stories for a part 2.

Have a look at the video if you like and I always appreciate a like, comment or subscribe.


What Full House Taught Me – 13 Lessons and Things

In this video I managed to portray many of my flaws. The main one being my zoned out face. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hard worker and not that easily distracted. However, alone in my room with only a camera to keep me in check… Squirrel! So 2012.

Fuller House is being released on Netflix the 26th February and to avoid jumping up and down with excitement I thought I would highlight some things Full House taught me. Full House was the first TV Show I ever watched religiously and back home in New Zealand I own almost all of the seasons on DVD. I think I may be missing season 7 and I have possibly permanently misplaced disc 2 of season 3.

I wouldn’t accredit my values to the show, as I believe my parents did a good job in establishing right from wrong and making sure I always do the ‘right’ thing. However, Full House definitely reinforced those good ideas, opinions and values within me. I hope Fuller House will be just as valuable and educational while highlighting a more diverse range of problems we face in 2015. Hopefully bringing forward the value of being open minded and not judging people for ridiculous reasons. The new era.

Before I start an essay on basic human rights we should ALL have, I shall end this blog post. I would love to know what you originally learned from Full House and possibly what you look forward to the most with Fuller House?

Also can I just mention how Uncle Jesse and Becky have not aged? I would buy into a John Stamos anti ageing skincare line if Fuller House doesn’t work out.



13 Facts About Me – Leap of Faith

A few days ago I decided to ‘just do it’ as Nike would put it. I uploaded my first YouTube video. I feel like I have reached this pivotal moment in my life where I just don’t care anymore. I will do what makes me happy. If this is a problem for you, the door is straight ahead. If you want to be a part of my life, welcome. It’s going to have its ups and downs, but together with the people who matter it will all be worth it.

I’ve always been an avid viewer of YouTube and the many weird and wacky channels. Perhaps my favorite YouTuber or the one who has persuaded me to begin is Grace Helbig. I attended her first book signing for her first book in NYC more than a year ago. It wasn’t planned, intact I found out I would be in the same city the night before, but definitely a highlight of my travels. There is nothing like meeting one of your idols to get the ball rolling.


It’s taken a few bumps in the roads as well as positive experiences to realise life is short, we only live once and things get sh!t even if you take the ‘safe’ route. What I’m trying to say is there is no harm in trying. What ever will be will be so might as well work hard to be and do what you want.

Ramble ramble.

The channel and video idea for lists containing 13 things at a time is what it is. The number thirteen is my lucky number not only because it’s the day I was born, but also significant things have happened on the 13th and… I like scary movies… Not really a valid reason, but once again it is what it is.

This blog is going to be like a diary – isn’t that what most blogs are?
Through the journey or possibly failure.
Either way I’m sure I will learn something from it. The good, the bad we can all learn from.

Check out this video. It is an introduction and I promise to progressively become less

And so it begins…

Lessons & observations from the girl seeking employment.

  1. Degrees matter. I have never been one to preach the importance of higher education to kids. This is quickly changing. I used to be of the opinion that everyone has a degree nowadays so none of them really matter. If we all have one then what is so special about it? A degree puts you on top for most of the jobs you will really want in life, whether the degree is a requirement or not. Actually your degree doesn’t have to have anything to do with the position you’re applying for, as long as you have one. *Sucks to be me!
  2. Being unemployed at the time you are seeking employment is unattractive. This is comparable to so many things in life. People want what they can’t have. Although, in this case the fact that you are not sitting at home scrolling through job search sites in your pyjamas while watching Netflix is understandably more appealing to the employer.
  3. People get sick of hearing about your job searching antics. Sorry, my life is in shambles at the moment. Spending three hours adjusting my cover letter was the most productive point of today.
  4. Rejection sucks. In all forms. Rejection after an interview is easier to swallow, but before you’re even given the chance to voice your potential can be soul destroying.
  5. Weaving through all the listings may not help you decide what you want to do, but it is chucking a number of options directly into your trash folder.
  6. Finding this new potential job is all you can think about. Delete Tinder and any dating profiles. How can you sell yourself to a potential life partner when you currently don’t have one?
  7. There is a point where you know you’ll have to apply for everything and your biggest fear is getting to that point.
  8. The idea of interviews makes you anxious, but the idea of not having any gives you nightmares.
  9. You start planning your own business so you can become self-employed for the rest of your life. Unfortunately you need a job and money to make this dream come true.
  10. There is little reason for coffee. This makes you sad.
  11. Write and rewrite your CV on a daily basis. Every time you apply for a job, read an advert or write a cover letter there are new perspectives on what will look good.
  12. While your applying for jobs your job is to sell yourself. I personally hate this, but it is what you have to do.
  13. You are smart, confident and employable. Repeat until you believe it. Fake it until you make it. Find the proof to that comment and get employed!

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