Lessons & observations from the girl seeking employment.

  1. Degrees matter. I have never been one to preach the importance of higher education to kids. This is quickly changing. I used to be of the opinion that everyone has a degree nowadays so none of them really matter. If we all have one then what is so special about it? A degree puts you on top for most of the jobs you will really want in life, whether the degree is a requirement or not. Actually your degree doesn’t have to have anything to do with the position you’re applying for, as long as you have one. *Sucks to be me!
  2. Being unemployed at the time you are seeking employment is unattractive. This is comparable to so many things in life. People want what they can’t have. Although, in this case the fact that you are not sitting at home scrolling through job search sites in your pyjamas while watching Netflix is understandably more appealing to the employer.
  3. People get sick of hearing about your job searching antics. Sorry, my life is in shambles at the moment. Spending three hours adjusting my cover letter was the most productive point of today.
  4. Rejection sucks. In all forms. Rejection after an interview is easier to swallow, but before you’re even given the chance to voice your potential can be soul destroying.
  5. Weaving through all the listings may not help you decide what you want to do, but it is chucking a number of options directly into your trash folder.
  6. Finding this new potential job is all you can think about. Delete Tinder and any dating profiles. How can you sell yourself to a potential life partner when you currently don’t have one?
  7. There is a point where you know you’ll have to apply for everything and your biggest fear is getting to that point.
  8. The idea of interviews makes you anxious, but the idea of not having any gives you nightmares.
  9. You start planning your own business so you can become self-employed for the rest of your life. Unfortunately you need a job and money to make this dream come true.
  10. There is little reason for coffee. This makes you sad.
  11. Write and rewrite your CV on a daily basis. Every time you apply for a job, read an advert or write a cover letter there are new perspectives on what will look good.
  12. While your applying for jobs your job is to sell yourself. I personally hate this, but it is what you have to do.
  13. You are smart, confident and employable. Repeat until you believe it. Fake it until you make it. Find the proof to that comment and get employed!

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