What Full House Taught Me – 13 Lessons and Things

In this video I managed to portray many of my flaws. The main one being my zoned out face. Don’t get me wrong, I am a hard worker and not that easily distracted. However, alone in my room with only a camera to keep me in check… Squirrel! So 2012.

Fuller House is being released on Netflix the 26th February and to avoid jumping up and down with excitement I thought I would highlight some things Full House taught me. Full House was the first TV Show I ever watched religiously and back home in New Zealand I own almost all of the seasons on DVD. I think I may be missing season 7 and I have possibly permanently misplaced disc 2 of season 3.

I wouldn’t accredit my values to the show, as I believe my parents did a good job in establishing right from wrong and making sure I always do the ‘right’ thing. However, Full House definitely reinforced those good ideas, opinions and values within me. I hope Fuller House will be just as valuable and educational while highlighting a more diverse range of problems we face in 2015. Hopefully bringing forward the value of being open minded and not judging people for ridiculous reasons. The new era.

Before I start an essay on basic human rights we should ALL have, I shall end this blog post. I would love to know what you originally learned from Full House and possibly what you look forward to the most with Fuller House?

Also can I just mention how Uncle Jesse and Becky have not aged? I would buy into a John Stamos anti ageing skincare line if Fuller House doesn’t work out.



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