February Favorites 2016

A list of 13 favorites for the month of February. I may risk sounding like every other person on this planet, but how is it already March? This year is flying passed and I’m trying desperately to have something to show for 2016. Time is currently not on my side.

In the video above you will find a range of things. We go from the music, beauty products, a spot of food to the essentials / things I have used an awful lot in February. This may be viewed as a slight parody, but I assure you I am not poking fun at these types of videos. I watch them regularly and thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately finding 13 things was not as straight forward as I had hoped. Since filming the video I have thought of a few more favorites and will list them below.

  1. Room by Emma Donoghue – I actually read this book in January while travelling, but had to leave it in Canada due to weight restrictions. I have thought about it an awful lot in February and am excited to watch and compare the movie.
  2. Twenty One Pilots – I do mention one of their songs in the video. At the moment the whole Blurryface album is a favorite.
  3. Fuller House – I cannot believe I forgot to mention this one. It’s a given!
  4. Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants – I needed to reminisce and watch this movie.
  5. French YouTubers – I am bilingual, however this is not a thing YouTube considers when making video suggestions. I have recently become obsessed with watching French YouTubers and learning relevant words and phrases.

Thanks for reading.








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