First French YouTube Video – Intro & Being Bilingual

The trouble I have writing in French is ten times greater than speaking it. This has led to the decision of pairing the French video with an English post with facts about me and being bilingual. Here are thirteen points I talk about in the video.

  1. I am half French, half Kiwi.
  2. I have lived in New Zealand all my life and have only spent a maximum of 2 months at a time holidaying in France.
  3. As a result my French vocabulary is lacking.
  4. I currently live in England, but have not visited France for over a year. Sad really, as I am now so close to those friends and relatives.
  5. Some of the French books I used to read as a child: Max et Lili, Pomme D’api (magazines) and Tom Tom et Nana.
  6. Disney classics such as Snow White, The Lion King and The Aristocats are forever French movies to me. I was forced to watch The Lion King in English when I was 10 and was not impressed. The voices and characters just seemed completely different to me.
  7. I only ever remembered my mother’s accent and did not register others when I was younger. Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Jean De Florette and Manon Des Sources are all movies that helped me understand different accents.
  8. On that note, I have immense difficulties understanding French Canadian. While backpacking in the USA I overheard two Canadians speaking and picked up on a couple of words, but decided they were speaking a completely foreign language.
  9. Faire la bise freaked me out when I was 17. It was the first time I went to France alone and I had forgotten all about kissing strangers on the cheeks. I was so used to the New Zealand hugging culture. I am a whole lot better with it now, but at the time it was rather uncomfortable.
  10. Feminine and Masculine. Do I even need to explain? Basically there are no strict rules. You just need to feel whether a noun sounds feminine or masculine and let it be known while forming sentences.
  11. Being bilingual is the greatest thing when it comes to having bilingual family members and friends. You can share your secrets out loud without worrying and even publicly discuss that man’s hideous shirt… Be careful he is not also bilingual. This can happen and will lead to a highly awkward escape.
  12. A promise to watch more French YouTubers in the hopes of learning to better express myself and learn new words.
  13. I did not mention this in the video, but feel a need to add it in. People often believe that being bilingual makes a person smarter?  As much as I love having both languages,  I may be the exception to this statement. I feel as though being bilingual gives me an additional opportunity to showcase my grammatical errors.

If you have also been blessed with both languages, please check out my video below.


Thanks for reading and see you soon.




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