13 Things no one tells you about growing up!

Truth is, half of these things are repeated often. However, you do not fully grasp the meanings until you have lived it. Lived and gone through growing up. Not that I am anywhere near conquering the uphill battle of a task. But, I have given it a fear go the last two years and am now ready to share my ever evolving thoughts on the matter.

13 things that no-one and sometimes everyone tells you about growing up and becoming an adult. Things I have learned the past 2 years from moving out and becoming responsible for all aspects of my life:

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13 First Impressions – Canada

From the moose and the snow, to the strange absence of roundabouts and lest we forget the loonies and toonies. So it may have been 7 months since my last video and blog post. Unfortunately this is the sad reality of being a grown up. During my absence, I have begun a new and slightly more serious job than the previous. This does mean less time to edit my many faults and work up the courage to speak to a camera for 15 minutes. Now that I have written that down and reread it, I am very much questioning why filming can provoke such a build up.

I managed to see moose on my latest trip to Canada – in a slightly sad way, but it still counts right?



Any who, I am constantly amazed by the number of views on the USA first impressions – even though this may not seem like a big deal to some. I do find it rather fascinating and have been wanting to follow it up with this Canada one for quite some time. I’ve been back from my latest trip less than one month, so most of these thoughts are fresh in the mind.

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