13 Things I Miss About Living in New Zealand

Thirteen things I miss about New Zealand after 2 years and 3 months away. A quick list of the top thirteen things I realise I miss from my home, NZ. These do not include the obvious of family, friends, pets etc. More along the lines of things that don’t make me tear up when I think of home.

A few kiwi classics: beaches, sheep, ‘sweet as’ and pineapple lumps. And some less straight forward things to be missed. It’s hard moving away from home, especially when you come from such a wonderful country where you can fearlessly stroll the streets barefoot and be constantly surrounded by ‘friends’. Or rather friends of friends of friends.

Check out my thoughts in the YouTube video bellow:

And watch out for the contradicting mistake a number 10… It was already edited and uploaded when I realised… Oops!

Also can we just appreciate how adorable my dog is! Excuse the donut around his neck, the upgraded version of the dreaded cones.

Thank you for reading and / or watching!

See you next time


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