13 Things I Miss About Living in New Zealand

Thirteen things I miss about New Zealand after 2 years and 3 months away. A quick list of the top thirteen things I realise I miss from my home, NZ. These do not include the obvious of family, friends, pets etc. More along the lines of things that don’t make me tear up when I think of home.

A few kiwi classics: beaches, sheep, ‘sweet as’ and pineapple lumps. And some less straight forward things to be missed. It’s hard moving away from home, especially when you come from such a wonderful country where you can fearlessly stroll the streets barefoot and be constantly¬†surrounded by ‘friends’. Or rather friends of friends of friends.

Check out my thoughts in the YouTube video bellow:

And watch out for the contradicting mistake a number 10… It was already edited and uploaded when I realised… Oops!

Also can we just appreciate how adorable my dog is! Excuse the donut around his neck, the upgraded version of the dreaded cones.

Thank you for reading and / or watching!

See you next time


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