The Christmas Tag 2016

In this video I chose 13 Christmas questions compiled from multiple different Christmas tags and holly jolly tags etc. I will lest the questions below! I made sure not to include any duplicates of questions I may have unintentionally answered in my previous Xmas themed videos.

I wanted to add to the Santa Claus answer and mention I still believe in Santa. To some extent, I do believe Santa Claus exists in all of us. More of a mood or verb than one actual figure. I think one of the best things about Christmas is we all get to be the jolly man and give a little to the ones we love and appreciate.

Here is the Christmas tag:


Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Favorite Xmas song?
Name Santa’s reindeer?
Real or fake Xmas tree?
Favorite holiday food?
Most memorable holiday moment?
How and when did you find out the truth about Santa Claus?
Do you make and stick to New Years Resolutions?
What is your Christmas Eve tradition?
Best part about Christmas?
Best Christmas gift received?
Favorite Christmas sent?
Dream place to travel to and celebrate the holidays?


Thanks for reading and watching!

See you soon,



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