13 of My Travel Goals / Resolutions / Wishlist for 2017

A Happy New Year to any readers of this post! After a wee break from making videos, I have returned to 2017 with my travel wish list for this new year. I just wanted to note a resolution not mentioned in the video below. A resolution for myself rather than anyone who may be watching or reading. In 2017 I would really like to continue uploading on a more frequent basis. This YouTube thing has become a nice secret escape from ever day life and as long as it is bringing relief, my goal is to keep on posting.

On to the list and video!

A list of my travel goals for the New Year. We could also classify these as 2017 resolutions and ultimate wishlist. No, I do not expect to cross even half of this list of in the new year, but a girl can only dream.

A few of these places and specific travel types are also part of a wider travel bucket list I am constantly scribbling. I think I’ve accidentally crossed off almost all continents in the world. Antartica will be added to a list in the future.

Quick preview of the 2017 Travel Goals:

  • Hong Kong – Big Buddah
  • A cruise – Mediterranean or possibly Australasia
  • Edinburgh
  • Africa
  • South America – Machu Picchu


Thanks for reading and watching!

See you soon,



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