My Top 13 Favorite Horror, Thriller & Scary Movies

As the title suggests, this week’s video is a list of 13 of my favourite scary movies. A mixture of the truly terrifying and  humorous black comedies. If you are looking for new horror or thriller movies to watch, here are some ideas for this genre.

I feel like the films in this genre are either a hit or a ridiculous miss. I have watched my fair share of awful horror movies. It might also be worth adding that I am not a fan of the gruesome for the sake of gruesome horror movies. I would rather a solid story line or a hilarious one.

Movies included in the list below include: Triangle, Anabelle, Birds, Housebound, Se7en and much more… 8 more to be exact!

A brief history of why I like this genre: I was always the one who would stay up with my dad to watch the scary movies and as a family we would watch Midsomer Murders and Criminal Minds religiously. But, the real interest in horror movies was formed in high school. It began with the odd scary movie during sleepovers, but we quickly realised we actually liked this type of movie and proceeded to only watch the scary stuff.

I haven’t come as far as being someone who can watch scary movies while home alone. As much as I love the burst of adrenaline and thrilling story lines, I do get scared, jump and scream. Scary movies scare me, but I do enjoy them.

I do also have videos and posts regarding favorite TV shows and favorite Christmas movies currently on my channel Thirteen Things – Elza, with a list of more genres to come.

Thanks for reading and watching!

See you soon,


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