13 Things To Expect & How To Live and Travel In Hostels & Backpackers

This weeks video all about hostels and backpackers. What it’s like living and staying in hostels for budget travel and long term accommodation – How to survive, expectations, advice, tips, experiences and things for backpackers, travellers, solo and group adventure seekers alike. My experiences and what I have learned during short and long stays in the world of dorms, strangers, small talk, free breakfast and bunk beds. There will eventually be a part 2 to this, as I thought of a thousand more useful thoughts while editing.

I also have an abundance of weird and wacky hostel stories to share in the future. The strangest things happen when you’re mingling and living with complete strangers, but also some of the most amazing things. This video could have easily been 30 minutes long and I did struggle to cut down on the chit chat. Including a story about the time my mixed dorm turned into a 9 men bachelors party and me room. Completely harmless, but a rather unexpected and mildly funny awakening.

Thank you for reading and watching.

See you next time!


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