13 First Impressions UK

Above is a video explaining my thirteen first impressions of the United Kingdom (UK). These range from impressions of the people, tea, manners, bathrooms, shop names and a few other aspects. I arrived in England for the first time two years ago after travelling across America solo. My impressions are slightly random and have definitely changed in the passed two years of living here in Britain.

Coming from New Zealand, my impressions may be different to others and I would love to hear more. I love travelling and have two other similar videos on Canada and the USA. As well as, a video reaction to what people say about British people.

Please have a look at the video and let me know what you think. Any additions from fellow travellers or residents alike?

Thank you for reading / watching and see you soon.


13 Things To Help You Survive A Scary Movie

How to survive inside a horror or scary movie. A few tips and advice to beat the odds of death by anything you could imagine. How to avoid death in these hypothetical situations. Just a wee bit of fun, but I honestly hope none of you find yourself in a scary movie.

Some tips, tricks and general advice on surviving and overcoming any situation the next time you find yourself trapped in a horror film. Hopefully this is not a scenario you find yourself in very often… Or at all.

This was a super fun video to film and think about. I hope you enjoy and keep in mind this is just supposed to be a cheeky take on how to survive a scary movie.

Check it out:


Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon xx

13 Top Favorite Travel Films – to get you in the mood

A list of my top favourite travel movies to fuel the bug. If you have a lack of travel inspiration or a need to live through the bon voyage adventures on the big screen, this list is for you.Movies that make you want to hop on a plane and grab your passport, but for now get your travel envy and planner ready.

I wasn’t sure which day this video falls under, but travel Tuesday seemed to be the better fit. I will admit that this is the first movie genre I have struggled to get a list of 13. Any suggestions for future travel related watches? There are a few I did not include, because, well… Just not a big fan. Here are in my opinion the best of the best (that I have seen) and a brief explanation as to why:

Thanks for reading and watching!

See you next time Xx


13 Of The Most Annoying Things My Dog Does

Disclaimer: I love my dog and the good far out ways this list, but he is so very far away and the annoying things dogs do are easier to think about. One day I will film the things I adore about him, with him… Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and I think you get the picture. From the bad to the worst – all the nuisances do not take away from his adorableness. Ways dogs will change your life and find ways how to annoy you.

I have added pictures and video clips of my much loved baby prince in the youtube video below. Enjoy – how could you see that furry face and not? …


Thanks for reading and watching!

See you soon Xx

13 Reasons Why You Should Travel Across America By Train

Advice on train travel and reasons why you should use this form of transport to get across the USA. America by train has a lot to offer and is a unique way to see more of the beautiful country while travelling across states from point A to B and even Z. There are that many rail options.

Train travel tips and thoughts on the concept. Based on my experiences a little over two years ago on long train rides and journeys of up to 76 hours as a solo traveller. Included in this video is a tour of one of the Amtrak cabins I stayed on during my journey. This one even had a full bathroom! There are also pictures that do not quite do it justice, but worth a quick look to convince you to cross the country via railway.

Thank you for watching and reading.

See you on Friday! Xx


13 Romantic Comedies To Watch Alone This Valentine’s Day

Do not be put off by the title you coupled people of the world. I am single (eternally it would seem) and alone this Valentine’s Day – so this list of my top favorite movies is acceptable for those who find themselves in a similar situation Vday 2017. Can we ignore the fact middle of February has already arrived.

*yes, I am aware of the error in the thumbnail and featured image – apologies!

Also suitable for the odd girls night in or boys night in. No judging! We have a whole lot of option from the more dramatic to the fantasy to the classic rom com status films. Please check out the video to find out more and I will see you for the next video on Tuesday!

Thank you for reading and watching.

See you next time!


13 Romantic Travel Destination Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Today’s video… You guessed it! Is Valentine’s Day themed and explores some potential romantic travel destination ideas. Ideas for all around the world some affordable and a few dream life goals options. I have been to a few of these before, but have included some possible future couple holiday destinations to explore with my future significant other… Some day my prince will come la la la dee dah.

Check out the video below! Friday will also be VDay themed, but related to some favorite movies.

Thank you for reading and watching.

See you next time!


My Top 13 Favorite French Movies *In French

This weeks video is slightly difference and practically speaks a different language… Hold on, rewind, it is in a different language! My top 13 favorite/best French films in French. Movies range from comedy to horror to drama to animation and a whole lot of in between. For those who do not speak French – here is the almighty list and I can highly recommend all – some for more sentimental values.

The video does contain a little clip of each if you are interested:

  1. Les Aventures de Poly
  2. Les Trois Freres
  3. Le Bison
  4. Asterix et Obelix – all of them
  5. La Boum 1 & 2
  6. Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’Tis
  7. Jean de Florette – Manon des Sources
  8. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain
  9. Les Triplettes De Belleville
  10. Livide
  11. Tais-Toi
  12. Les Fugitifs
  13. Chocolat – not really French

Thank you for reading and watching.

See you next time!



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