My Top 13 Favorite French Movies *In French

This weeks video is slightly difference and practically speaks a different language… Hold on, rewind, it is in a different language! My top 13 favorite/best French films in French. Movies range from comedy to horror to drama to animation and a whole lot of in between. For those who do not speak French – here is the almighty list and I can highly recommend all – some for more sentimental values.

The video does contain a little clip of each if you are interested:

  1. Les Aventures de Poly
  2. Les Trois Freres
  3. Le Bison
  4. Asterix et Obelix – all of them
  5. La Boum 1 & 2
  6. Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’Tis
  7. Jean de Florette – Manon des Sources
  8. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain
  9. Les Triplettes De Belleville
  10. Livide
  11. Tais-Toi
  12. Les Fugitifs
  13. Chocolat – not really French

Thank you for reading and watching.

See you next time!



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