A Rant About or To Rude People & Customers – 13 Points

A rant and message to rude customers. Dear rude people? I don’t like posting negative topics, but this was very much on my mind for Friday’s video. Just why? I managed to stop myself from getting too carried away, but here is some advice and things I wish I could tell the rude people I’ve encountered in various jobs.

I think these are relevant to anyone who works in the customer service, client based, hospitality, retail, waitress and any people facing industry. Jobs where you have to deal with people who express jerk like behaviour and are plain damn annoying. The ones who think they have the right to be rude. Eventually this may lead to a how to deal with rude customers video, but for now it’s a message to anyone who repeatedly lets out their anger on people who are just working, doing there job, earning a living and trying to get on with their life.

Haven’t we all had a customer facing role at some point? At the very least we all have a loved one with one of these jobs? No matter where you are in your life I can guarantee we are all there or have been at some point. So why? People aren’t your punching bag. Mistakes happen, miscommunication happens, errors happen – it’s called life. Be angry, be mad, but do not take it out on a fellow human. Be understanding and use your words and actions to try and find a solution to the problem. Abuse, yelling, name calling, gestures and even getting physical will not resolve your problems… If anything it will make the people who can help you or fix it less likely to want to find that solution.

And here I go again… Ranting away take two. Well hopefully you’re not put off by my complaining, thoughts and opinions in this video. It’s never nice being some angry persons punching bag and scapegoat. A message to those who throw childish fits and a relate able video for all of us who have had to bear the brunt of it:

Thanks for reading and watching!

See you next time Xx


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