We Hit 100 Subscribers, An Update & 13 Reasons Why I’m Not Dead – Inspirational Quotes!

After being absent from the world wide web for over a month, I have returned! With not only 1, but 2 new youtube videos to promote here on the blog.

First off we hit 100 subscribers while I was offline! A huge thank you for all who have hit that red button or liked, commented and viewed a video. I really do appreciate it. This is by far my favourite hobby I have ever had and the fact that a number of people seem to enjoy it is brilliant. I have decided to add one more day to my posting schedule! You can now expect videos every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Here is the video for this little update:


Video numero 2 is the first official manic Monday. In my little world we are using the word manic to describe the randomest of ideas for a list of thirteen things. This week for example we have 13 reasons why I am not dead. Hoping not to offend any people with the title. A long skype call with a friend from back home lead to the idea of coming back to youtube with an reassurance video explaining I have not dropped off the face of the planet. However, rather than the original morbid idea of listing 13 ways in which I haven’t died over the past month, I went with 13 inspirational quotes to keep me going.

They won’t fix your problems, but it sure is helpful to take a different perspective on things and think more positively. To at least attempt to motivate yourself during the rough patches.


There we have it. This completes our very first Manic Monday!

I will see you tomorrow for a Travel Tuesday!


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