Collaboration YouTube videos ft.Josh (That Gaymer Guy) – British vs Kiwi Slang words and classic YouTube challenges

Here is my first ever collaboration video on British vs Kiwi slang words. Somewhat of a challenge shall we say? I present to you my ex flatmate who was my inspiration to start a Youtube channel. I always wanted to give it a go, but Josh (That Gaymer Guy) is the only person I knew with any experience in the matter and he managed to convince me to take those first steps and start posting away. I have not gotten very far so it is not so much a success story Youtube wise – more so in the beginning of a stress relieving hobby.

Josh’s channel is mix of topics including gaming, geek, LGBT discussions, news, reviews and more. I will also link the mega Youtube challenge we filmed for his channel. Quite a terrifying moment initially as I had no idea what the video would entail. Challenges included the chubby bunny challenge and the all time classic cinnamon challenge.

The ultimate Youtube challenge:

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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