Turning 24 – Life Lesson: How To Become Confident!

Rather than posting the stereotypical ’23 things I learned whilst being 23′, I decided to take the path less traveled and select one topic. This year I have come to realize exactly what makes me a now confident human being. Do not be fooled, this has far from always been the case. I am afraid my main tip is based on unexpected and rather unfortunate events that I have had to deal with over the past 2 years. However, prior to that my confidence began to grow as I started to put myself into challenging situations. The majority being travel related.

I am not saying the fix will be to head off backpacking alone on a challenging adventure… It could simply be going to a crowded event that you would usually not consider due to crowds. You also need to care less what people think. Caring is fabulous to some degree, but letting people’s opinions determine what you can and cannot do is a no go zone. Life is too short to care.

The rest of my opinions can be found and taken or not in the video below:

Be confident and you do you boo.

Thank you for reading and watching,

See you soon Xx

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