My Favorite Christmas Themed TV Show Special Episodes – 13 Things

Today’s video is similar to a vlogmas video of Christmas past (last year). However, we are shaking it up a little with Christmas themed TV show specials rather than movies. So here is a list of my all time most favorite top rated Christmas episodes of series such as The Office, Dr Who, Mr Bean, Him & Her, Scrubs, Friends (of course) and so many more. Another list of thirteen festive season themed things.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone and Anyone. Big and Small Ideas – Xmas 2017

Today’s video is a bit of a vlogmas one. My 13 top Christmas gift ideas this season (2017). These presents are suitable for girls, boys, men, women, everyone and anyone. Whether it is a loved one you’re having trouble to decide for or a family member you have little to no budget for – this is the list for you! Shopping list sorted.

I may be posting this a bit late for the bigger items and just on time for some delivery cut off dates, but I hope the list is somewhat helpful. A few unique, different and personal gifts feature on the list. Of course these do apply for any birthdays coming up or if you just feel like spoiling someone. Secret Santa gift ideas as well as for your own Xmas wishlist.

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I’m Back : YouTube Channel & Life Update Video

So I’m back on the YouTubes. Here we go again!

It has been a while since my last upload and in this video I go over topics I have recently blogged about. Unexpected life changes and going to college late. Along with a brief hope of what’s to come on my channel.

Channel and life update below:


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Going to College / University Later

What to do what to do?

A decent job for my age in an interesting industry, but the thought of being stuck in this industry in 10 years time is daunting. Then there are life circumstances. When it decides to throw a pile of shit your way that is not compatible with the stress and time needed for your current job. But then you look at the positive and think ‘why not try a degree?’

I think my mind is made up on this decision. I have considered the debt I will be entering, the study involved and the poor student lifestyle. I also considered the fact that I am 24 and by the time I graduate I will be 27. Then I considered the fact that if I decide not to do this now… My age is increasing alright!

The thought of getting to 35 and wanting a career change frightens me. I am not getting any younger. Not that there is anything wrong with studying passed the age of thirty, but I want other things in my 30s. Stability, a house, a partner and a family of my own. I am not interested in those things right this minute so I need to make the most of this time and get a solid foundation.

I in no means think someone needs a degree to go places. I could definitely move up in my industry without it, but I like options and I want more options for myself. If I go back to what I am doing now that’s fine. Knowing that I have a degree under my belt and can add a postgraduate certificate or diploma later on to completely change my career path is enticing. I love learning and I want this for myself. Timing wise this makes sense. Current situations are definitely pushing me towards the idea of doing this now and that is exciting. I am excited by this possibility.

Also slightly nervous, but that comes with any change or major decision. Deciding to add to your debt rather than build your savings could have an enormous impact on your future. Especially at the age of 24.

Watch this space… The decision will be made by mid January 2018. New year, new me OR new year, current me crumbling due to stress and life.

Has the decision been made?

If anyone out there is listening and has any going back to school or ‘mature student’ (cringe) tips, leave a comment, some advice and courage… Please!

Vlogmas? Back to YouTube

It’s been a while… To Vlogmas or not to Vlogmas? That is the question YouTube

I am working on something… Hopefully it will make it’s way online. No promises or schedules yet, just dreams and hopes.

I’m thinking 12 days of Vlogmas is the most likely outcome. At least one video will be uploaded this holiday season. Here’s to filming the first of a hopeful many!

Stay tuned…

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