Small Channel’s Thoughts On YouTube Changes Partnership Program Policy

What is YouTube doing and what next for small youtubers?

For my full opinions on the recent changes to the YouTube partnership program please watch the video linked below. Here I shall type up a condensed version of my thoughts and opinions.

To find out why I monetised my channel (well, videos)  you will have to watch the first few minutes below. I have no illusions regarding my channel and am fully aware that this is a hobby only, not a job replacement or valid income. My Youtube channel is for me. I like the idea of the community and even being a teeny tiny part of it is enough. Making videos has become a way I get rid of stress and try to get through whatever life throws at me… Let’s just say that I have really needed this outlet.

With that said, I am sad to have received a letter (email) informing me that I will no longer be part of the program. Well, unless I magically conjure up an additional 829 subscribers (you now need one thousand) in the 30 days before February 2nd. They clearly have never tried starting from scratch themselves. I decided to turn on the ad-sense aspect of my channel after reading that it boosts your views. A fairly logical sounding way to grow your channel and get more views. At the time this was a big goal of mine. I have since decided that I do make videos for me, interaction with people (currently very few) and to have a creative outlet that gets me through life.

So once again, it does not affect me much. However, some of my videos did gain more views since I signed up and it will be a bit sad to see that go.

My main point or opinion is for those channels that are so close to 1000. Even if I had 500 subscribers I would be gutted. Imagine having worked hard to get 100 to sign up to this program that now requires 10 times what it used to. It is tough getting kicked out and slightly discouraging. Maybe giving people 6 months warning would have been more realistic, right? Still a struggle, but at least a chance of gaining the right numbers.

On the other hand they will flush out many undeserving channels. Maybe people who make videos purely for money, fame or a chance at a career. Unfortunately they will flush out quite a few good channels in the process.

So there you have it… A somewhat brief overview of the video. Both my positive and negative views on the subject. Alas, I am going nowhere. I am too selfish to quit. YouTube does not bring me numbers, it brings me an outlet that I enjoy too much to give up. On that note – videos every week day in February! Subscribe if you want to see more.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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