My Expectations As An Older College / University Student

Here is a list of things I expect from my college, university and higher education experience. This is of course coming from a late starter who has decided to begin a degree at the unusual age of 24. It is becoming more common, but there is still a lack of youtube videos on the subject and not very many that have helped calm my nerves. I am a ‘mature’ student, apparently. According to the conventional age society has deemed ‘appropriate’ or ‘normal’ to attend these institutions.

So I set off with my list of expectations and a long list of things to do before going back to school. The loan has been accepted so I guess this is actually happening. Welcoming a mature, adult, old, aged, mid twenties (and whatever other labels I should be receiving) student’s thoughts and expectations on what college life will entail. Let’s begin the journey… And we may end it with an expectations vs reality style video.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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