Huge Lush Haul, My Favorites & Honest Product Reviews

Today I was sick, but had to make a last minute video and luckily I recently purchased an insane amount of Lush products online. Some of my all time favorites mixed in with new to me products and a few duds. I give some honest first impression product reviews and talk a little about each product and it’s purpose in life.

I was running low on skincare and decided to go crazy with the testing. A couple of samples and gifts for the family also feature in the huge haul. Let me know if you have answers to my questions in the video. Most important one being, why does my shampoo bar stick to the tin after using? And any tips to prevent this are welcome.

What are your favorite products? I have to stick to my classic Cup O Coffee exfoliating mask and Mint Julips lip scrub. Closely behind will be the Karma Komba shampoo bar and Sympathy For The Skin body lotion. Oh and the massage bar is amazing! Thank you for always being there to pick me up and be a part of my self care routine. Lush you are awesome!

Thank you for watching and reading!

See you soon


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