Reasons why I love having a dog!

Hi there, I am a wee bit late posting about a recent video I uploaded on the ole YouTube space. While I was living away from home, I was also living away from my adorable dog Sam. Out of sadness I decided to post a video about annoying dog habits and the things they do that annoy me. Now that I have returned to middle earth I just had to make the positive version with the things I love about my forever puppy.

From the sometimes to slobbery kisses to the always welcomed cuddles. Life would not be the same with the endless love and constant excitement whenever I return home.

I have also added the original video below if you want to see the benefits and drawbacks to getting a dog. A dog is a life commitment to your furry pet and getting one should be a permanent decision you make.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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