February Watches – Mini Movie, TV Shows, Book, Plays & Podcast Reviews

February is a month that has been and gone. Here is a video review of all of the movies, tv shows, plays and podcasts I indulged in this last month. A little bit of Dirty Harry, Big Little Lies, Lore and 10 other movies, shows and plays. Shakespeare pop up globe continued this month and I was lucky enough to see the preview of the Merchant of Venice. I highly recommend for anyone fortunate enough to be near a pop up globe event.

A mix of comedy, drama, crime and superstitious themed content that I have consumed. This months book was Stepford Wives and I definitely shared a few thoughts including how the term Stepford wife is still used today and even a thing some girls aspire for. Sickening, truly if you have ever read the book.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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