My First Week Of College – 20 Something Student

This video was uploaded after my first week back to school after 6 years. Despite a brief stint in higher education after dropping out of high school 1 month into my last year, I have never been to college… Until now. Here I am starting the journey and university experience as a 20 something year old. Partly sue to circumstance and mostly due to the want of a more meaningful job or opportunity. It is a strange feeling.

Below is a video of 13 things (my first impressions) I have learnt or experienced in my first week of college. Still weird to say. I am getting used to the fact and constantly jotting down observations for the next video. It is strange being what they call a mature student, but I also think I will enjoy it much more now than an 18 year old me would have.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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