Favorite Insults From Movies & TV Shows

And now for something completely different. A list of my favorite insults, comebacks and taunts that are funny, witty and relatively mean from movies and tv shows. I don’t like being a nasty person and using words as weapons, but sometimes they are needed and extremely useful. Some words to throw out if you are ever in need of a good comeback. From some all time favorite movies and tv shows. The great insults of our time.

This video is inspired by a recent encounter with a family member who is currently being a real ass. Sometimes it is a shame we can’t choose family, as this one could easily be shat out for the same effect. Why do people have to be bullies and horrible to people. More and more, I will get the hate comment on a video and I truly do not understand. No-one is forcing you to watch me and just why? Don’t watch… There are plenty of ways to express how you feel without trying your best to deconstruct a person. Firm believer of expressing ourselves and black comedy, but when people truly intend to make someone feel shit – just why?

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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