My First Time Vlogging – Power cuts, internet outage, baby chicks, car vlogs & other shenanigans

A little catch up on my youtube videos today. We had the infamous first time vlog due to power cuts, storms and one very long internet outage. Then there are the adorable baby chicks that a friend was looking after over the weekend for work. A labor party that was thrown half way across the world for a friend who was… you guessed it – in labor! This included listening to labor appropriate songs and some baby food tasting which has not featured in video yet. A lot of pointless talking in the car and finding it very difficult to do. Then there is my mischievous dog who guest stars in a couple of clips.

This video is brought to you by circumstances that caused me to create and upload a video from my iPhone. A challenge!

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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