Turn Offs In Humans – Annoying Habits & Things People Do That Annoy Me

Here we go! My turn offs in people. The most annoying things people do – in my opinion. Almost instant loss of attraction when boys or girls do these things. I do hope I don’t offend anyone in this video. We all have pet peeves and things people do that irritate us, and these are mine plus a rant. I got pretty passionate about some of the points!

As the title suggests… I struggled with what exactly to call this video. These are the things and types of people who annoy me most. 13 traits, habits and just things people do that make me mad and annoyed at the human race. Huge turn offs in girls and boys, men and women. Unisex habits that I find the least attractive. Whether it’s from friends, family, work colleagues or foes.

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


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