It happened again…

I have ignored my wordpress page and gradually forgotten about it. I’ve been listening to Mila Kunis on Dax Shepard’s armchair expert podcast, and she’s right… Just be honest!So now that we’ve gotten my admission of guilt in writing – let’s move that bus… I was briefly taken back to watching experience extreme home makeover. Moving on!

I’m not going to back log on all the YouTube videos I have been uploading in my absence. I will however leave you with two updates. The first is possibly the most honest, real and difficult video I’ve posted. It is all about the last year and why I quit college. We’re approaching the year mark of the dreaded news, and he is still here. It gets a little harder everyday, but I’m also more grateful for each day.

Next video is more positive. I explain my trip to America and since that post there has been a lot of Las Vegas, Houston and USA videos on my channel. I am currently working on a haul! A rarity for my channel, but it had to be done. I really made the most of this trip and partially emptied my wallet.

Well that will be all for now! I will try my best to stay on top of the blog posting. Until next time X

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