Vlogmas? Back to YouTube

It’s been a while… To Vlogmas or not to Vlogmas? That is the question YouTube

I am working on something… Hopefully it will make it’s way online. No promises or schedules yet, just dreams and hopes.

I’m thinking 12 days of Vlogmas is the most likely outcome. At least one video will be uploaded this holiday season. Here’s to filming the first of a hopeful many!

Stay tuned…

If Only You Knew…

Sitting here at my desk with my work laptop, two screens and a phone. My own desk. Is this a thing my younger self dreamed of? No… More likely acting in a blockbuster movie by the age of 16. Oh, how dreams die young.

Let me explain the fact that I thought my current job somehow fit into a dream my younger self may have had. Similar to the feeling I had the first time I stepped into IKEA (as an adult). That younger self dream being ‘it’s such fun imagining these things being in my future grown up world’. Main difference between IKEA and my job is that I still have those dream thoughts in adult Disneyland (IKEA).

Side note: This Thanksgiving I am thankful it is already Thursday afternoon – this thought comes to you from one of the first countries to experience the 23 November, but also not celebrate it. I am hoping little ole New Zealand gets some cyber Monday benefits.

Back to my point… FYI there may not be one.

Dreams and ideas are a funny thing. Little me would have loved the opportunity I have now, but sometimes dreams let you down. Expectations verse realities. Nowadays I find myself dreaming of consistent air conditioning in the office and appreciation from customers. Where have all the big dreams gone? I am finally at a stage in my life where I have the ability to go for my dream, but it is as if it has been drowned out by reality.

Let’s go back to the days of wanting to be something without worrying about bills, the housing market, ageing and uncertainty. Just go for it. Have a dream and try your damned hardest to get there. It may not end up being what you expected or the right choice, but at least you gave your dream your best shot.

I really should take my own advise. Instead I am reaching the end of my lunch break and heading back to my desk. Somewhat bitter about this post.

Thanks for reading

Dreamer out

Turning 24 – Life Lesson: How To Become Confident!

Rather than posting the stereotypical ’23 things I learned whilst being 23′, I decided to take the path less traveled and select one topic. This year I have come to realize exactly what makes me a now confident human being. Do not be fooled, this has far from always been the case. I am afraid my main tip is based on unexpected and rather unfortunate events that I have had to deal with over the past 2 years. However, prior to that my confidence began to grow as I started to put myself into challenging situations. The majority being travel related.

I am not saying the fix will be to head off backpacking alone on a challenging adventure… It could simply be going to a crowded event that you would usually not consider due to crowds. You also need to care less what people think. Caring is fabulous to some degree, but letting people’s opinions determine what you can and cannot do is a no go zone. Life is too short to care.

The rest of my opinions can be found and taken or not in the video below:

Be confident and you do you boo.

Thank you for reading and watching,

See you soon Xx

Travel, Moving & YouTube Update | 13 Things

I’m back after a rather impromptu break from YouTube. A mix of travel and moving updates can be found in the video below. Basically an explanation of where I have been, a wee apology and thank you for the support. I love the conversations in the comments and making videos in general. Here to stay!

The upcoming month will be busy as explained below. Even the day I arrive home in New Zealand at 4am on my birthday. 3 years I’ve lived outside of my home country and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to see what will happen next. Forever questioning my decisions at the moment, but isn’t that just part of life?

Thank you for reading and watching!

See you soon


13 Weird Things People Steal From Hotels

Here is a list of 13 randomly weird things people commonly steal from their hotel rooms. These range from linen to light bulbs and batteries. What has the world come to? I do believe that anyone staying in a hotel can probably afford to buy their own hangers… Or need to prioritize where they are spending their money.


Thank you for reading and watching.

See you soon!